Do you have those days when you think that you look cute and fantastic and when you take a picture of yourself you look less than average? My feelings exactly. 

I really liked the outfit when I was leaving my flat and throughout most of the day. Until I’ve seen myself in Photobooth on Mac at the student TV office. My whole joy that came from looking good got smashed and it resulted with a bad hair and bad outfit day today.


(Also, I just never look effortlessly. Or cool. Or effortesly cool.Shame.)

(The crappy picture that made me feel bad)

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Marta Dziok-Kaczyńska

Nie chcę sprzedać Ci wizji perfekcyjnego życia jak ze strony w kolorowym czasopiśmie. Chcę być dobrą sobą i porządną osobą. Może Ty też?

9 thoughts on “just my imagination”

  1. Oh, you shouldn’t feel bad. I think that’s a great, and creative outfit- really. About putting my bag in the washing machine… hm, I’m not sure if I’m bold enough to risk it even if it might work. I think I’ll just try treating it roughly instead!

  2. I do really like the outfit.
    I always think i look really good then pass shop windows and such a feel so so ugly ! I try not to look now i dont think they tell the truth!


  3. I have days like that as well but I think it has something to do with the fact that I have one of the most non-photogenic faces ever. 🙂

    But for what it’s worth – I think you look cute!

  4. oj znam ci ja to uczucie – mam tak za każdym razem, kiedy robię sobie zdjęcie!;) ale z drugiej strony te nasze odczucia są chyba trochę przesadzone, bo… wyglądasz świetnie:)

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