Of working, not of hanging around.Therefore no time for words, let’s go straight to the deeds.
This outfit is for me one of the very best in Sex And The City as a whole. Let’s face it, it’s abso-fucking-lutely amazing as far as the colours are concerned. What is more, after I saw honeybunny inspired by this, I just knew sooner or later I will too recreate it in my very own way.
So here it is, enjoy!

(and I’m going to bed as I am working 1-9 PM again tomorrow)

P.S. I am not that happy with the black top, but I had to wear it because of some professional reasons (like an appointment at bank or going to work). I don’t think my supervisors or the staff at Halifax BoS would like to see my bra in all its glory.

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Marta Dziok-Kaczyńska

Nie chcę sprzedać Ci wizji perfekcyjnego życia jak ze strony w kolorowym czasopiśmie. Chcę być dobrą sobą i porządną osobą. Może Ty też?

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