If you don’t like blood and you think writing about medical stuff is disgusting, then just don’t continue reading.
Myself I quite like blood, in films especially. I sometimes like to play with meat before cooking it as well, some people think it’s not a good thing 😉 My great tragedy, therefore, is that whenever we film something really bloody, I never get really hurt and I never get to have all the fake blood on me.

You see, our zombie comedy short, ’28 Episodes Later’ had all these cool fx, yet I was a chick in the floating dress who didn’t even get scratched.

Now in ‘Revision’, again. Matt suggested I MIGHT be the only who will be fine in the end and for that I hate him passionately. Yesterday during filming I had a gun pointing at my head and…NOTHING. I managed to convince our fx expert Helen to make at least a small injury, which she did. She is brilliant at this, she can make you look like you were hit by a truck and it takes her minutes. But in the end, of course, my epic cut was NOT even filmed. Damn you, writer, and damn you, director.
My beautiful fake blood thingy :

And just to finish off, an outfit picture. How is it connected to blood, I hear you asking. Well, I’ll tell you, but you may not like it. So I had a certain test done, to save you from the brutal description let’s just say it was a kind of test that could have saved Jade Goody’s life. Hence the dress, to make it easier, and long, so I would not feel uncomfortable on the way back home. I am not a fan of maxi dresses at all. But here I tell you – take care of yourself so you don’t die at age of 27. There is blood but the test is absolutely painless, I wish I knew that before as I was paralyzed with fear.
If anyone’s disgusted then sorry but some things are worth talking or writing about even if they are not pink and fluffy and glittery.

The maxi dress, then.

Dress is from Primark’s end of season sale and I got it for ONE pound sterling.

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