These are the pictures I have entered for a certain style competition. The theme was, quite literally, 'holes’. The top was therefore cut, bleached and tortured with black paint. Funny how I actually made it before I even heard of the competition.I don’t really think there is any way I could win anything, but I quite like this pictures anyway. Apart of the hair part. My hair are really annoying me and therefore I decided to cut them a little bit. I am still growing them but please, this look is just.not.good.

I’m getting ridiculously small amount of hours at my work, therefore I need to do sth with my life. Sth like finding another job, probably. In the meantime, however, I found the evening animation workshops and I will try to join them.

Anyway, here we go.

top – DIY; skirt, shoes – Primark%

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Marta Dziok-Kaczyńska

Nie chcę sprzedać Ci wizji perfekcyjnego życia jak ze strony w kolorowym czasopiśmie. Chcę być dobrą sobą i porządną osobą. Może Ty też?

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