yeah, intelligent input, darlin’, why don’t you just have another beer then?

No special outfit today, but some precious pictures. It was just a night out at the pub with my mates,a long time since we had gathered such a big crowd. For Malky it meant a lot of fun with his camera. Surprisingly, I really like my face on these. And all the different colours.
I regret I am only in three of them. But that always seems to be an issue, as a 'camera whore’ I never have enough.

Check out more of Malky’s photos, they are grand >>>>MALKY’S FLICKR

And now for…TAGGING!

Many thanks to Syana who tagged me.

And I’m tagging:

· Doll
· Enso
· Ariella
· Daga
· Asiu

I’d like to tag many more, but oh well 🙂

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Marta Dziok-Kaczyńska

Nie chcę sprzedać Ci wizji perfekcyjnego życia jak ze strony w kolorowym czasopiśmie. Chcę być dobrą sobą i porządną osobą. Może Ty też?

11 thoughts on “yeah, intelligent input, darlin’, why don’t you just have another beer then?”

  1. Oh, these pictures are really nice. I like the second picture of you – you look very cute in it.

    Thank you so much for the award – I really appreciate it, but I already received this one, so maybe you should pass it on to someone else who deserves it?

  2. aw you are so cute! this looks like fun.

    im sorry for taking so long to get back to you, i’ve been absurdly busy, but thank you <3

  3. zapraszam na mojego bloga,czeka na Ciebie pewna niespodzianka 😉 ;*

    zastanawiam się czemu mój wcześniejszy komentarz się nie zapisał. a więc jeszcze raz, jestem zachwycona Twoimi włosami:)

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