O my brothers and only friends,your friend and humble narrator has two bullet points for you on this fateful day:

– Happy Easter everyone! Note how I try to look like an Easter egg just for you, guys! Wesołego Alleluja i inne takie tam mokre zające i bogate jajka 😉

– Also, your friend and humble narrator feels fat. I actually have the very best weight I could have for my height according to many,many websites, but nevertheless I don’t like my shape at all. And here, my brothers (sisters?) and only friends, I count on your advice. WHAT TO DO? I want to look better and thinner. At the same time, I don’t want to be ultraviolent and make an absolute horrorshow to my poor body.

Dress – H&M Mama, handed down to me by my Mum
everything else has been featured before

Also, I am featuring my friend Iza, with whom I was reunited this week after years (I think almost two) apart. Iza is a new blogger and you can check her out HERE.

And she is wearing:
sweater and jeans – H&M
jacket – New Yorker
socks – Reserved
and shoes from some market in Gdansk 😀

Once again I want to wish you all the best this Easter and I hope you will forgive your humble narrator that little annoying Clockwork Orange manner 😉

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