Here is the first part of the pictures taken by the wonderful Piotr Wasilewski few days ago. I look quite unhappy as I had an unpleasant stomachache due to stress. Long story short, I felt shit.
But I still adore the pictures. I am really lucky to have quite a few talented photographers for friends.

Here with Iza a.k.a. Ciąg

Apart of the top from Primark, everything else’s been featured.

Please do forgive my lack of wit or not much text at all, but I am still quite upset and stressed.
So until the next post, may the Force be with you, my young Padawans.

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Marta Dziok-Kaczyńska

Nie chcę sprzedać Ci wizji perfekcyjnego życia jak ze strony w kolorowym czasopiśmie. Chcę być dobrą sobą i porządną osobą. Może Ty też?

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